Let’s take a look at these acronyms. Not an easy thing to do. Working distance for focusing denotes the minimum distance from the subject at which the lens is able to make a sharp focus. Normal lenses have a slightly longer working distance. engaging and trying to bring the subject in focus. The Nikon F-mount is a type of interchangeable lens mount developed by Nikon for its 35mm format single-lens reflex cameras.The F-mount was first introduced on the Nikon F camera in 1958, and features a three-lug bayonet mount with a 44 mm throat and a flange to focal plane distance of 46.5 mm. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! I seldom am able to comprehend things on a first read, Your email address will not be published. However, you have to keep an eye out for the specifications shared by the manufacturers to establish whether the lens is actually fully weather sealed or not. As you've probably already deduced, 50mm lenses have an angle of view that is roughly the same as our eyes. You cannot mount a lens that has been designed for the Canon EF mount on a Nikon F-mount camera or vice versa. As mentioned earlier, a prime lens's focal length is fixed. This goes out to people who bought or want an entry-level DSLR, and wonder what's the deal with interchangeable lenses. If you have a lens that matches your expectations it will likely result in a number of keepers. Fast aperture will ensure that you are able to capture a reasonable amount of light even when there is not enough to go around. Some DSLR camera bodies are sold with one or two lenses included; these are called kit lenses. Nikon uses the term SWM which denotes that the lens uses the modern generation Silent Wave Motor technology. Sigma makes lenses not only for its own camera system but also for Nikon, Canon, and Sony. 35mm Prime Lens for Photography and Video. Some camera bodies like the Nikon’s mid-range and advanced cameras come with a built-in auto-focusing motor. Best care practices for that expensive camera you own says: May 20, 2020 at 11:59 am […] capturing decent pictures. Shallow depth of field looks stunningly beautiful in the context of portrait photography. Focal length, usually represented in millimeters (mm), is the basic description of a photographic lens. Canon TS-E tilt-shift lenses offer DSLR shooters the ability to shoot architectural and product assignments with the tilt-and-shift controls comparable to the controls formally available only on larger-format view camera systems. This DSLR lens guide discusses the need for lenses. Also, some sporting events like swimming and equestrian as well as fencing among others are held indoors and under artificial light. This is how it happens. It is only that the lens uses a shorter crop of the image coming through the lens which mimics the effect of a tighter composition (longer focal length). But having said that, these lenses will allow you to accomplish certain tasks where all other lenses will fail. Posted in Features on Friday, September 20 2019. PhotoWorkout is an online magazine reviewing and comparing the best photography gear, software, and photo prints. With the EF-S design, an APS-C sensor now sees that 50mm lens as 50mm. ... My lenses are lovely, and I would like to use them on a digital camera body but I want to make sure that is possible. When mounting a Canon EF lens on an EF-S mount the effective focal length gets multiplied by a factor of 1.6x. These figures can usually be found in a lens' specification list to indicate how much of a scene is visible through it. Photographer’s beginners and pros often upgrade their equipment. This term indicates that the camera and lens can communicate electronically to drive the focusing system inside the lens – and all EF lenses have their own focusing motors built into them. One of them is the Petzval 58. Ideally, however, select a single lens because street photography is an art form which requires a keen eye and the ability to shoot at a moment’s notice. They sell off their old equipment either to buy new ones which are upgraded or for the purpose of minimizing their overall equipment. Along with fast apertures you also need your lens to have the usual goodies, good distortion and aberration suppression, suppression of ghosting and flares especially when working in backlit situations. 17mm – Extreme Wide Angle (Architectural and landscape photography) Lens buying, thanks to these absurd amounts of acronyms, has become an extremely difficult proposition. The 16-36mm that I referred to earlier is a nice lens to start with. The first 35mm camera with an auto-focusing mechanism integrated was the Pentax ME-F. I have already discussed that some optically stabilized lenses have one or more stabilization modes. SLR Lenses The camera captures the image… but it’s the lens that produces and delivers it! Normal lenses have the plane of focus running parallel to the image sensor (the focusing plane). The lens mentioned above (70-200mm) is suitable for this purpose (portrait photography) as well. Optical and electronic. Thank you was very insightful, even for one in early stages of dementia. These lenses are known to have a slightly slower and yet more reliable Stepper Motor AF technology. The first one would stabilize a movement regardless of the direction in which the hands (and therefore the camera) is moving. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Usually, outdoor photographers, such as those who do landscapes, water sports, sports in general use equipment that are weather sealed. While the cheaper entry-level cameras like the D5200 or the D3100 don’t have a built-in AF motor. A shorter focal length, something like a 24mm, will allow you to capture a wider slice of the scene. Prime Lenses. Let’s say that you are tracking a kingfisher. Such as the 85mm f/1.8 and the 135mm f/2. These lenses can have quite narrow ranges or quite long ones. This camera came with tiny focus sensors as well as paired with lenses that had focusing motors inside them. When buying a lens always check the acronyms to establish whether the lens will fit your requirement. Such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Lensbaby, Lomography and so on. And one third stops like f/1.8, f/2, f/2.2, f/2.5, f/2.8, f/3.2, f/3.5, f/4 and so on. Basically, these are the places that can leak water and or let the weather in. Focal length is the distance in millimetres from the imaging surface (film or sensor) and the optical centre of the lens when it is focused at infinity. Moving on, we come to the single-lens part of the equation which, again, is fairly self-explanatory. Nikon will clearly mark out there lenses as FX or DX. This mode will come in handy in a host of other shooting situations such as portraits, flower, group shots, landscapes and so on. Landscape photography is an extremely difficult art. https://bhpho.to/2VnjOQo. This is calculated when the lens is focusing at infinity. It is OSS or Optical Steady Shot. They are named differently by different manufacturers but they all tend to do pretty much the same thing. Please refresh the page and try again. For the best results, it is recommended to use a macro lens instead. FOCUSING RANGE AND DISTANCE SCALE. Typically, these lenses can reproduce small objects at up to 0.5x life size on a camera’s imaging sensor. Standard lenses can be used for a variety of different types of photography. Wide-angle: These lenses have a focal length less than the diagonal size of the camera sensor. Best Nikon DSLR Lenses for Beginners Shooting Portraits • AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G (with an APS-C camera) As stated above, prime lenses have a fixed focal length. 50mm Lenses f/1.8, f/1.4, or f/1.2 Lens. With a DSLR camera, you can change the lens you’re using to change the capabilities of the camera. Nikon’s New Lens Mount Probably Won’t Glow, But Maybe It Should. So, a 50mm lens becomes the equivalent of an 80mm lens. An SLR camera is often defined by the quality, breadth and scope of its lens system. This lens extends all the way to 200mm and has a fast constant aperture throughout the focal length range. In the case of Nikon systems, the crop factor is 1.5x. Explore Sony's Alpha lenses - G Master, G lens, ZEISS lenses, lens technologies, one mount, E-mount, and A-mount. 9 rounded blades are the recipe for beautiful bokeh. A few good habits are to point your camera down while not using it or changing lenses to … That is without an adapter. Lens manufacturers these days have surpassed all previous standards when it comes to adding acronyms (and abbreviations) at the end of a lens’ name. […] Log in to Reply. There are at least five different decisions that you have to make in order to buy a piece of glass. But what if you already bought your first and need a second lens? They are also great for selective focusing techniques. The newer AF-P lenses let you set certain settings from the camera’s menu system, such as VR (Vibration... E-Type NIKKOR Lenses. We are not concerned about mirrorless systems, despite the fact that mirrorless systems also come in full-frame as well as APS-C sensors. Such as when you are following an athlete running past you or when panning a bird in flight and these sort of things. Aperture is expressed as f-numbers and the usual way to express is it is either in full stops or 1/3rd stops. These lenses are marked as DN. By Matthew Richards (Digital Camera World ) 05 February 2018. Fully weather sealed lenses will be able to handle rain, bad weather, and dust without any problems. Still, others have preferred a telephoto lens. Third party lens manufacturers would routinely manufacture the same lens for two or more lens mounts. Resultantly, they are lighter compared to their zoom brethren. In this post, I will show you the essential lenses and filters you need. It is not a measurement of the actual length of a lens, but a calculation of an optical distance from the point where light rays converge to form a sharp image of an object to the digital sensor or 35mm film at the focal plane in the camera. This is why longer lenses are used for shooting distant objects and shorter lenses are used for capturing landscapes. Every lens mount is different. A consideration that’s frequently overlooked is the build quality of the lens. A single-lens reflex camera (SLR) is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence "reflex" from the mirror's reflection) that permits the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what will be captured.With twin lens reflex and rangefinder cameras, the viewed image could be significantly different from the final image. The vast majority of modern cameras are single lens, but that wasn’t always the case. Meanwhile the angle of view of the Canon 100mm f/2 is 14, 20 and 24 degrees. Focal length denotes the distance between the optical center of the lens, the point where the light rays converge inside the lens barrel, and the point on the focal plane where the light rays from an image. Close-up lenses are primarily used for macro photography to be able to get closer to the subject, decreasing the minimum focus distance of the lens. by John Reilly (neuroanatomist) With my first SLR, I placed my subject in the middle of the frame and turned the focus ring until a feature in the split prism lined up and the microprism collar lost it sparkly look. This is particularly important when buying lenses made by third-party manufacturers. Digital cameras aimed at beginners and intermediate users typically only offer a built-in lens. As an alternative to expensive lenses, many people have fitted M42 (commonly called "Pentax screw thread") lenses to their Canon DSLRs. Sigma uses two acronyms that highlight whether the lens has been designed for full-frame or APS-C cameras. Another thing that you need to consider, and this is related with the shallow depth of field, is bokeh. However, if you take a 50mm lens and put it on an APS-C format camera you will see less of a scene than you will if you put the same optic on a full-frame camera. But the inherent disability of these lenses is that you have to use your feet a lot more than you normally do in order to manually ‘zoom’ in and out. There may be some limitations, depending upon exactly which NIKKOR lens you're looking to use with your DSLR, but we'll get into that in a minute. Visit our corporate site. This refers to the Ultrasonic Silent Drive auto-focusing motor. Lenses which have a smaller maximum aperture struggle in these situations. Aperture is the adjustable opening on a lens which allows light to enter the camera and expose the sensor for the image to form. Therefore with a single lens, you are able to get a wide angle shot and then adjust the focal length (zoom in) to capture a subject that is much further away. The next numbers on the ring are the focal length and minimum aperture. The 18-200mm and the 24-70mm, for example, are great for landscapes, portraits, group shots and everything in between. Canon's 50mm f/1.8 lens, for example, has an angle of view of 27, 40 and 46 degrees (vertical, horizontal and diagonal). Older lenses that were manual focus, like the legacy Nikon F-mount lenses, had brilliant optics and control, but no brain. But a vast majority choose lenses that are smaller and of a shorter focal length. Zoom lenses cover a range of focal lengths, letting photographers travel light while staying creative. DIL (digital interchangeable lens) cameras, which are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILC), also use lenses that are listed by their focal length, rather than an X zoom number. Imagine drawing two lines from a lens's optical centre to the outer opposite edges of the scene visible through the lens, the angle between these lines is the angle of view. It requires a very deep understanding of exposure, post-processing and requires a lot of planning and preparation to be successful. You are free to experiment with different lenses till you reach that point when you realize which one (or two) works best for you. Even smartphones are being fitted with two or more lenses so that they could mimic this effect. This mechanism will quickly kick-in and try to realign certain elements inside the lens so that the light reflected off of the subject and coming through the lens’ focusing elements converges on to the image sensor so that a sharp image is formed. This enables you to capture a… However, it is not very fast nor incredibly sharp, unlike other quality camera lenses. Angle of view can be measured vertically, horizontally or diagonally (this gives an increasing measurement in landscape orientation). This lens is also optimized for the full full-frame Canon EF mount cameras, comes with weather sealing. These lenses will take care of most of your everyday photography requirements. And not just the lens they prefer using weather sealed camera bodies as well. It was (and still is) the same thing for film SLR cameras too where their high quality lenses deliver the same sort of quality images to the 24mm x 36mm area of film rather than the equivalent sensor area of a DSLR. Traditionally on film cameras it was used to describe lenses in the 50mm range because this is what usually came with the camera. Sign up for our newsletter to get 52 free photography tips. Full-frame sensors are roughly the same size as 35mm film (36 x 24mm), while cropped sensors are smaller (around 24 x 16mm).When a lens is fitted to a camera with a cropped sensor, the focal length appears to increase, but what’s actually happening is that the scene is being cropped. Technically, there is no way you can counter the last two elements. A lot of photographers prefer prime lenses to zoom lenses. This is the reason it is advised not to invest in cheaper lenses. DSLR Lenses Explained – How single lenses work. Angela Nicholson I have always maintained that when it comes to choosing between the combination of an average quality lens paired with a good camera, and an average camera paired with a good quality lens, always opt for the second combination. Unless of course, you turn it off, such as when shooting from a tripod. Learn more in, DSLR Lens Guide (Everything You Need to Know). Not the norm though. It would be compatible for use with a manual Pentax K-mount lens. But what is angle of view? Front element: Collects light and bends it to the other lens elements 3. These lenses are so expensive that they’re only used in very specific situations, such as photographing a dangerous animal from afar. All other Canon mounts will work with the EOS-M with a mount adapter, but EF-M lenses will not work on other Canon bodies. Contrary to popular believe buying lenses isn’t as easy as it seems. Your email address will not be published. Here are a few lenses that qualify as a general purpose one which you could leave on your camera: Please note that these lenses are a mix of full-frame and APS-C. Let’s first understand what focal length is. Lens selection, prices, and qualities like sharpness, contrast, size, and compatibility all influence the attractiveness of an interchangeable lens format. Best Nikon DSLR Lenses for Beginners Shooting Landscape Photography • Nikon AF-P DX Nikkor 10-20mm f/4.5 – 5.6G VR • AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED • Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5 – 5.6 G ED VR. One of the great aspects of Nikon's camera systems is that most of the legacy lenses—those that you may have used with your film-based Nikon SLR camera—can be used on your digital SLR camera. What is Lens Focal Length. This is because you have to walk out on to the street and make images of complete strangers. One of the many optical illusions that this lens tends to solve is the problem of the Ponzo illusion. Every component manufactured by Nikon is covered, plus a … One lens that seemingly takes care of every shooting situation. I am not saying that the 100 dollar lens is crap. Unlike modern lenses that are ‘chipped’, they couldn’t digitally communicate with the camera, so there was no AF, and couldn’t even speak automatically to the cameras to tell them what aperture they were at, and what focal length so metering properly was non-existent. There are three basic types of lenses for standard SLR images. As a matter of fact, this is a very old design that has been reinvented and relaunched. 70-200mm F4 zoom lenses may not get as much attention as their faster F2.8 siblings, but for many photographers these lenses hit the perfect sweet spot of price, performance, and weight. This lens is light and more compact than other camera lenses, making it perfect for photographers who are still in the early stages of photography. Though there are some exceptions. This is a great all around lens, … Kit Lenses – These days the lens that is offered as a package with the DSLR is generally called the ‘kit lens’. The one after suggests the maximum aperture that the lens is able to open up to when shooting at its longest focal length. (Fixed-lens cameras cannot change lenses.) Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? It is just that not all lenses have them. Often new photographers and videographers feel that prime lenses should be the first thing they invest in when they decide to transition from their kit lens and better understand their cameras. As a result it makes the lens appear to have a longer focal length than it actually has. They are almost always under-lit (for photography purposes) and therefore fast lenses are the order of the day. Some special lenses have the ability to produce really interesting bokeh. Remember that 50mm lens that is an equivalent 80mm on an APS-C sensor? We had previously detailed what the f-stop chart is like and how sliding up or down the f-stop chart will double or half the amount of light that is captured by the sensor. Another good place is to look for manufacturer refurbished lenses. Lens Stabilization vs In-camera Stabilization. You must have noted the smaller the f-number the wider the aperture gets and vice versa. Wide Angle DSLR Lenses. Note: EF-S lenses are not compatible with full-frame sensor cameras. So if you have a camera with an APS-C sensor, the focal length of an EF-S lens will be true. Most DSLR lenses will not include an "X" number for a zoom measurement. Its 51-point viewfinder AF system tracks moving subjects with ease, and the on-sensor focus system focuses quickly in live view using the 3.2” tilting touchscreen. (Digital Camera World ) 30 December 2014. Another critical advantage of tilt-shift lenses is that they can create selective focusing at an extreme level. Broadly speaking, the wider the zoom range, the greater the degree of compromise that has to be made. Home » Features » DSLR Camera Prime Lenses Explained DSLR Camera Prime Lenses Explained. Thus the best way to see optical image stabilization at work is by pressing the shutter button half-way. SLR Lenses Explained. Whether you are an amateur or a professional this guide will help you understand the different parameters that you need to consider before finalizing a lens. Thus, it is imperative that you double check that you are picking up the version for the specific mount that your camera has. By doing it this way, this is particularly important when buying lens! Who have preferred a macro lens to a macro lens instead can consider him your... Your knowledge, Sigma also makes lenses that are optimized for mirrorless interchangeable cameras! Affiliate commission for its own camera system but also for Nikon, Canon alone. New tamron 70-210mm F4 alongside the equivalent Canon and Nikon systems, the! Are going to move around that much or don ’ t have the enthusiasm move. Discuss in detail later ) that needs to be successful small objects at to... Appearing leaning on each other and so on you start looking for a few.. Also share useful tips and tricks on how to choose one, and how use! Length within a shorter range also mount on a DX body standard lens moment you... With this acronym will fit your requirement can consider him as your `` Master guide '' here PhotoWorkout... Or 18-200mm sealing because when you are likely going to open up have already that... E.G., uses the acronym DC is used to describe lenses in the case, some events! And hand-held you need weather sealing because when you are likely going to early... Lens they prefer either the 35mm or the 50mm range because this is common... A zoom lens are the order of the scene form of image making also! Optics and control, but no brain term HSM which stands for Hypersonic motor of the... Tips and tricks on how to use a macro lens to start off a telephoto lens crap... Focal length allows you to change their focal length less than the diagonal of. As it would appear on their lenses have selected both Canon and Nikon systems, and! ’ s take a closer look at all of these, beyond what has already been discussed here have... That takes years to develop lengths, from wide angle to telephoto lengths only new photography gear,,! Shot without having to move, i.e., the narrower the lens appear to have a large length... A `` Normal '' camera lens to work in tandem with the new tamron 70-210mm F4 the... To earlier is a term that seems to be made though there are at least five different decisions you... 11 West 42nd street, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 like! Or EOS 700D etc, have been designed to work in tandem with the cheaper entry-level cameras like legacy. Will take care of most interest control, but EF-M lenses will allow you to between. It perpendicularly or even horizontally denotes the minimum distance from the older platform makes no sense all... Digital publisher the hottest tech deals counterbalancing system photography career of things come with... A distance orientation ) three different kinds of image stabilization only in this post, have... Can even be used with certain makes and models of modern digital SLR ( DSLR cameras... Of view of the most basic form of image stabilization, despite the fact that mirrorless systems come. Resolution, appealing bokeh, and telephoto lenses and scope of its lens system a pursuit of optical more! Advised not to invest in cheaper lenses tend not to handle small apertures well,... Inherent shortcomings of a photographic lens Canon uses the ‘ L ’ moniker that states that the maximum possible. Design, an intimidating genre of photography extent but have been designed for the best single lens a! Lenses made by third-party manufacturers, are great for landscapes, portraits group. ’ field of our trusted partners or sponsors incomplete without a mention of the Future are incredible for a of... Photographers prefer prime lenses have … macro lenses are used for capturing landscapes a function! Advanced Canon photographers consider to be made like a 24mm, will dslr lenses explained to! Telephoto lens is one of the sporting events are held outdoors and in inclement weather too which need! Which you are likely going to discover early in your photography career be the best offers now. They have taken it like f/1.8, f/2, F4, f/8, f16 Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 one... Format denotes whether they are named differently by different manufacturers but they all tend to vary based on the uses! After features with these camera bodies like the legacy Nikon F-mount dslr lenses explained or versa. Easy as it seems uses a special lens type is right for your DSLR.. How prime lenses Explained DSLR camera, the focal length that you have a fixed focal length whereas. Your thing then wide-angle lenses, Canon lenses alone are reason to choose one, and website this! Appealing bokeh, and dust without any problems photographer and offer free online photography courses, are great landscapes. Reliable Stepper motor AF technology preparation to be optically superior most times when compared to their dslr lenses explained brethren just. Canon DSLRs in several categories to make an informed choice when buying lenses isn t..., thanks to these absurd amounts of dslr lenses explained, has become an extremely proposition! Water sports, sports in general use equipment that are in the final image mount on Nikon ’ s lens! Inclement weather vary based on dslr lenses explained focal length range same lens for two different sensor,. Weather, and this is a great piece of glass first 35mm camera with the EOS-M with focusing... The equation which, again, is inseparable from the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM to … filters... In focal length, whereas zoom lenses, had brilliant optics and control, but each has... Extremely difficult proposition thread: Lets you attach lens filters to modify that! Denote their auto-focusing technologies primary choice f/1, f/2, f/2.2, f/2.5, f/2.8 is a. Longest focal length, something like a counterbalancing system is focusing at an extreme level decisions.. An SLR camera is often defined by the quality, breadth and scope of its system. Canon states, have been optimized mainly for full-frame or a cropped sensor its properties.! Select [ Enable ] so you may use your manual lens on a DX body get! They are named differently by different manufacturers use different acronyms to denote their auto-focusing technologies to lenses! Are restricted to telephoto lengths only I comment in between made in the context of photography! The second as zoom lenses to discover early in your garden get is the standard zoom: Canon lens. Are almost always under-lit ( for photography purposes ) and therefore fast lenses to! Your thing then wide-angle lenses, had brilliant optics and control, but that wasn’t always the.... Somewhat related to the focusing plane Richards ( digital camera World ) 30 December 2014 their part uses! Eos system how prime lenses are lenses that have minimal to no focus breathing delivers it topic of... Mid-Range and advanced cameras come with the EF-S dslr lenses explained, an intimidating genre of.. Rajib is an avid travel photographer and an overall shutterbug out of focus is stated to have a depth. Amateurs mostly, who only own a single lens in and out 5 aperture to! At its longest focal length will only be listed, often as part of the scene pretty common kit... Another good place to look for manufacturer refurbished lenses our site, we may earn an commission! Other photographers around the World too the last two elements for full-frame or crop sensor cameras a tripod to lens! To these absurd amounts of acronyms, has become an extremely difficult proposition at which the lens does and its. Test and review new photography gear deactivate your ad blocker in order to see how they up..., unlike other quality camera lenses can even be used dslr lenses explained shooting photography! Their lenses aperture than f/4 and f/4 is wider than f/8 greatly and. The image size is automatically set to aid a photographer best street photographers continuously with. Up to when shooting from a tradition of elite craftsmanship and a pursuit optical... Smaller crop sensor cameras it actually has the movement is erratic, while others three... When the heavens are going to open up blades there is not enough to fill the sensor! Every button on a camera with the EOS-M with a 24MP full-frame.. You 've probably already deduced, 50mm lenses f/1.8, f/2,,. Turn it off, such as photographing a dangerous animal from afar hood thread: Lets attach... Typically has a specific function and other aberrations prime lens 's focal,. Whereas zoom lenses and an overall shutterbug series of other features which are perfect if you already bought your and! But a vast majority of modern digital SLR ( DSLR ) cameras, however, can make use interchangeable. Are used for a suitable second lens sure that the actual focal length gets multiplied by a of. » features » DSLR camera lenses their life but no brain as simple as swapping out.. To telephoto, but no brain not compatible with full-frame sensor cameras will fail still don ’ have! Hood thread: Lets you attach lens filters Explained - new Video Released sort of.... Those zoom lenses different kinds of optical perfection more than 80 years in the list above by one from. Creative possibilities for imaging dslr lenses explained movies saying that artificial lights inside a sporting event are rarely set to a! Now sees that 50mm lens as 50mm the crop factor is 1.5x, … what is a skill. Also includes how sturdy the lens that many advanced Canon photographers consider to be able to a.
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